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Cancellations & Rescheduling

We realize that our industry is dependent upon many factors that can change in an instant so we try to be flexible in not costing you anything out of pocket - as long as you follow the basic rule: give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

• Cancellations Due to Weather - There is never a charge to cancel or reschedule an appointment due to weather. If the weather conditions are "iffy" we'll keep in contact via text / cell and come to our decision right up to the last minute if necessary.

• Same-Day Cancellation (Less Than 24 Hours Notice): $75

• On-Site Cancellation (by agent, agent's representative, seller, etc. or if we're unable to access the property for any reason): $75 + 50% of the quoted fee

Additional Travel Time & Fees

We can generally cover most of CT from the Greater Hartford area down to the CT Shoreline without any additional travel fees but we'll include this in your quote if it does apply.

Liability Insurance

Yes, we do carry a $1 Million General Liability policy just in case something should go wrong. Since 2003 we've never had an issue (knock on wood) but the reality is we are working in and moving around your clients' homes, sometimes with very fine furniture and decorations. We just sleep better at night knowing we're all protected.

Licensing vs. Owning the Pictures

Most real estate photographers prefer to retain copyright ownership of the photos taken and will issue you, the agent (and your brokerage firm) a license to use the pictures in any manner necessary to market your listing, for as long as you have the listing. You may also use the pictures to market your own business without expiration. In fact we even build into the license your ability to present the seller with the finished photographs as a gift. Realistically you can do anything with the pictures except re-sell them to another party.

CT Sales Tax

Whether to charge sales tax is always a complicated and misunderstood issue. The state of Connecticut requires that we charge sales tax on our photo shoots and floor plan appointments; however, the state does allow us to take advantage of a lower rate (1% vs. the standard 6.35%) if the invoice itemizes the actual service vs. the licensing fee portion.  


Please call (860) 342-8890 if you have any questions or concerns.